Aiming to be "a 'co-creation' energy company that pioneers the future"

Hitoshi Honna

In April 2016, fullscale liberalization of the retail sale of electricity came into effect in Japan, ushering in a new age where individual ordinary households can freely choose electricity companies.

Since 2001, erex has been steadily building a solid track record in the supply of electricity, mainly to corporate customers. With the fullscale liberalization of the market, erex launched two new electricity retail companies, erex Spark Marketing Co., Ltd. and erex Spark Area Marketing Co., Ltd., whose role will be to supply electricity to ordinary households. Through these changes to our corporate structure we are now able to deliver the benefits of electricity liberalization to a greater number of people. We are genuinely thankful to our stakeholders for enabling this expansion of supply to many more customers.

Meanwhile, in the electricity generation business, continuing on from starting up operations of our first biomass power plant in Kochi city, Kochi Prefecture in 2013, we have now started operations of our second biomass power plant, the largest class in Japan, at Saiki city, Oita Prefecture. Currently we are aggressively forging ahead with the development of non-fossil-fuel resources, particularly biomass, and this includes future plans to develop large-scale biomass power plants in Ofunato and Buzen. Through such efforts, we are striving to provide the stable supply of electricity to our customers while contributing to the environment.

Furthermore, by optimizing the trading of fuel and electricity, we aim to make trades that bring value to both erex and our trading partners . Amid fierce competition in both the domestic and international energy market, erex continues to work hard to provide a stable supply of energy while expanding its business based on the business infrastructure that it has developed up until now. In this regard, we are pushing ahead with achieving our net sales target of \100 billion in the medium-term management plan "Dash1000."

At erex, we place utmost importance on building relationships with all our stakeholders that are based on trust. In this spirit, we uphold a vision of "a 'co-creation' energy company that pioneers the future." In other words, we want to make efforts to build relationships with stakeholders where we "create tomorrow together." Looking toward realizing this vision, we would appreciate your ongoing support and cooperation.

Hitoshi Honna,
Representative Director and President
erex Co. Ltd.
Hitoshi Honna